Message from Pastor

  • Brian Shobert


    What can I say "about us" that describes a group of people in a way that makes you understand who we are and what we do in a few words on a website?  I can say I love what we are about, but that would be obvious.  I can also say that we are loving, accepting, welcoming and here to serve you, but you would expect that wouldn't you?  I can definitely say we are not a typical church - we own a fully functional community & fitness center that our Church gathers in and does life together on a daily basis.  

    All that to be said, you just need to come and meet us.  You need to encounter the love to understand it.  You will need to feel the joy, hope and support to grasp it.  You will need to visit the center to understand why we own a gym and community center.  You will need to hear us worship, listen to our conversations and most importantly engage our God with us to truly know what and who we are about.  So, come check us out!  We look forward to knowing things about you too.  God bless and reach out to me directly any time.